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Lead Facilitators Of Asian-Caucasian Ethnobridging Clinical Research Trials.


CLINEER LTD is an independent contracting company specialising in clinical study participant recruitment services for clinical research centres & clinics participating in Caucasian, Chinese and Asian (Japanese) bridging studies in UK , Europe and USA. Our role is to find people of various ethnicity, e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other Asians, who would like to participate on clinical trials and help in the development of future medicines. All people will be compensated for their time and inconveniences.
Our Experience And Service
We have vast experience and knowledge of Chinese & other Asian subject recruitment requirements, gained over many years working intensively with research clinics in UK, USA and Europe, enabling the research centres to participate in Asian bridging studies.

How Does Clineer Ltd Company Get Involved With Clinical Studies?

Clineer Ltd is involved in a variety of clinical trials. At Clineer Ltd, we always fully inform all our participants regarding the details of the clinical trial they will be involved in, together with how much each participant should expect to be paid. All participants have to be in good health and undergo a medical examination prior to being enrolled on any study. Clineer Ltd is involved in medications being tested over a specified period, at various clinical research clinics around the UK, Europe and USA. Depending on the study, participants will either be monitored whilst they have a short stay in a research clinic or at home. Full details of what is involved and how data will be kept will be issued with each individual study.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Participant With Clineer Ltd ?

Chinese ethnic people from any country and all backgrounds can participate with Clineer Ltd. Initially, Clineer Ltd will make a general assessment of your health and suitability based on information provided by you. If considered suitable, we will contact you with details of any suitable forthcoming studies. If you are interested in a study, we will send you for medical check to ensure that you are fit and healthy and able to participate in the specified study. Medical checks will consist of general medical checks i.e., height, weight, blood pressure etc., We do checks of our subject participants as our participant’s safety is of great importance to us and we therefore need to ensure that participants are suitable for each study. We have many participants who enjoy the experience that participating at Clineer Ltd, and repeatedly participate in our trials. (see stories)

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